1. Why preschool?
    Why preschool?
    We offer a structured day to provide a gentle introduction to what is required of children at “big school”. Through our play based program, they will discover that learning is fun and will be ready for the next big thing :)
At St John's Preschool in Ashfield we value the opportunity to help prepare children for school for 2 years before they start, with a particular focus on the final year. Our transition to school program helps to assess and build school readiness. Children who attend preschool find that basic school readiness skills such as the ability to sit in a group, to participate in group activities without disruption, taking turns and looking after their own belongings are well established before they start "big" school.

The staff will encourage your child to be ready physically, socially and emotionally for the experience of Kindergarten. This is an ongoing, daily process that includes talking about school as a positive and happy place; listening to concerns and discussing them together and; assisting children to be independent with their self care and belongings.

A study by Warren and Haisken-DeNew (2013) demonstrated that children who attend preschool who are taught by qualified educators perform significantly better on 3rd grade Naplan scores than those who didn't. The benefits of preschool continue to be felt long after children have left the early childhood environment. Parents are encouraged to discuss any questions that they have with the Lead Educator in their child's class room.

Parent input and feedback is encouraged and can be given to your room teachers or to Stephanie, our Director.

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