Our Day
  1. Out in the big world ?
    Out in the big world ?
    Preschool is a great way to help prepare your child for school, or to help you decide if they are ready to start!
  2. Why preschool?
    Why preschool?
    The preschool program helps children to grow and develop, while readying them to begin Primary School. Children work through age appropriate skills in a fun and engaging way from when they first turn 3 years old - up until they're off to Kindergarten.
  3. Our Day
    Our Day
    The children participate in group times, including news, music, languages and fundamental movement skills, as well as lots of free play and outdoor adventures. We have a beautiful big playground and the church grounds to explore!
  4. Program
    The educational program is stimulating, challenging, responsive, encouraging and at all times aiming to nurture the growth of children whilst embracing their uniqueness and individuality. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), underpins all our curriculum and our program is based on a philosophy of learning through play. It is reflective of children’s individual development and interests.